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Australia is an attractive place for international students seeking to advance their education and strengthen their career prospects. Top universities in Australia are setting global standards of excellence for overseas students with their dynamic courses, study programs, extensive student support services, outstanding training facilities, and cultural diversity. Australia is known for its welcoming environment for students studying globally ranked institutions. Australian universities consistently get higher rankings in Q.S. World University Ranking and THE (Times Higher Education).

Why Study in Australia?

Which visa to choose for study in Australia?

The subclass 500 visa allows you to remain in Australia as an international student for up to five years as per your enrolment. The subclass 500 visa allows you to:

What are the eligibility criteria for the subclass 500 visa?

To apply, you must:

Top Universities in Australia

Australia has 36 universities featuring in Q.S. World University Rankings 2021. Though a total of six universities have fallen from their positions, most of them have shown significant improvements across several areas such as academic excellence, research environment, student satisfaction, employer reputations, and more.

Australia National University once again topped the chart in 2021. The university got 31st position in the global ranking. The university has scored well in academic reputation, international student ratio, and faculty. The main campus of the institute is located in Acton, Canberra. ANU also has campuses in New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

The University of Sydney is undoubtedly the second-best university in Australia. The university ranks 40 worldwide for its international faculty and international students’ indicators. Established in 1850, the University of Sydney offers a wide range of courses and training programs for students seeking globally recognized qualifications.

The University of Melbourne ranks 41st position worldwide and is one of the highest-ranking universities to offer academic excellence and employer reputation. A member of the Group of Eight, the international students comprise 40% of its total population from over 130 countries.

The University of New South Wales takes 44th and remains in the fourth position in Australia. It is the founding member of the Group of Eight, a renowned association of Australian research-based universities. It is a world-class university for students to pursue their research, teaching, and innovation careers.

Talking about the five top universities in Australia, no one skips the charm of the University of Queensland, claiming 46th position in the world. The university produces government, law, science, public service, and arts leaders. Many alumni researchers from the UQ have established their niche in several innovations and technological advancements.

Monash University is another one of the leading universities in Australia reputed for its world-class education and research facilities. The university also has around 100 partner institutions worldwide with more than 150 research subjects ranging across ten faculties, including manufacturing, drug development, and sustainable design. Monash’s most comprehensive range of study options includes over 140 double degree options, bachelor, master, and Ph.D. degrees.

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