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Having the proper advice and support can make a huge difference in the quest of global education and job progress. In order to assist people in realizing their dreams of studying abroad, obtaining open work permits, and achieving their professional objectives, Yashnoor Overseas, situated in Mohali, Punjab, stands out as a beacon of knowledge and dedication.

Our Identity
A well-known education consultancy in Mohali, Yashnoor Overseas is renowned for its dedication to facilitating educational and employment possibilities on an international level. We are a dependable partner for both students and professionals because of the extensive knowledge and experience that our team of seasoned professionals possesses in the industry.
Our Wide-Range of Services
1. Consultancy for education:
In one’s academic career, picking the appropriate educational institution and program is crucial. Yashnoor Overseas recognizes the importance of this and offers each student individualized instruction. To make recommendations for universities and programs that properly match their desires, we evaluate their academic backgrounds, objectives, and interests.

2. Assistance with Visa and Immigration Processes: It can be challenging to navigate the intricate world of Visa and Immigration Processes. For you, our professionals simplify this procedure. Whether you’re applying for a student visa, an open work permit, or a visa depending on your employment, we make sure your paperwork is complete and we walk you through the visa interview process.

3. Scholarships and financial aid: We understand that accessibility to a global education is critically dependent on affordability. Yashnoor Overseas helps students find and use resources. Explore options for scholarships and financial help, making studying abroad more affordable.
4. Assistance before departure: Moving to a new nation can be a big adjustment. We provide pre-departure orientation classes that give students the knowledge and abilities they need to thrive in their new environment in order to smooth this transition.

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